My Goals: IN ONE YEAR Learn to EAT, PRAY, LOVE ... My Way*

1) Find Health and Strength for Me and my Family (Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually).

2) Have a Love Affair and Long-Lasting Friendship with my EC (Eternal Companion).

3) Be Available for My Children through their Triumphs and their Trials.

*As I followed Elizabeth Gilbert's journey through "Eat, Pray, Love" and now as you follow me on my journey, perhaps a world of possibilities will open up for you too. Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be? Me? I'd just like to learn to be my loving, happy self and live long and healthy enough to enjoy the outcome. And you? I encourage you to challenge yourself. What would you like to do next? What direction are you going? Our talents and uniqueness bless our world ... and someone is always watching, always following in our footsteps. My prayer is that our footsteps may always be worth following.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2 Hours and 45 Minutes to Go ~ Happy 5th Anniversary to Us!

Flagstaff, Arizona

Our Year of Goals comes to a close tonight with midnight. Tomorrow is our 5th Wedding Anniversary. We will spend the next four days in Flagstaff, Arizona, a most beautiful place two and a half hours from our home in Mesa, Arizona. It is beautiful. There will be snow and crisp air, fireplaces, and lots of fun together. We are looking forward to some leisure time. Yeah for us!!!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

1 Day and 15 hours to Go ~ A Check Up

Here we are the day before my 5th Anniversay. I have been awake for hours. As I reflect on the past year I realize some important things. It has definately been a year of change. Change for the better. I have grown personally and I think that has suprised me the most. Goals are good steps to get you where you want to go, which hopefully is up. I chose up. Let's see how things went with today's post "The Check Up". (I am going to post this prematurely because tomorrow I want to talk about something different ~ our anniversary plans!)

My Health: I was physically sick when I started the year. My health has improved a great deal in that area. However, my mental health has taken a turn for the worse. That is a new mountain to climb for me, but I am doing it bit by bit each day. I am glad for my challenges in this area. I am learning much. Additionally, we have joined a gym and go there everyweek day morning either to walk on the treadmills or to do yoga. This has been a big blessing for us. Even our young teenage son Phil joins us there. As for eating more healthily, well ... that has not been tackled in the way I would have liked it to, but luckily I have a new year ahead to work on it again. LAURI, YOU DID GREAT WITH YOUR HEALTH CHALLENGES THIS YEAR.

My Relationship with my husband (EC or Eternal Companion) Mark: It has been a fun and interesting journey working toward this goal. It has also had its challenges as relationships sometimes will. I have learned how much I love Mark, how much he loves me, and how dedicated we are to each other and our marriage. I have come to appreciate marriage which has been a struggle for me since my first marriage. Mark and I can become one or like one in thought and deed. I love that concept. It takes work and commitment from both parties for it to work. We are far from perfect at it. This morning's conversation is proof of that. We did not understand where each other was coming from on a tender topic. We chose to be gentle and kind to each other regardless. That I appreciate the most about Mark. I definitely could not have come so far on this goal without him, how ironic. (Smiles) MARK, I LOVE YOU FOREVER.

My Relationship with my children: This has been the most remarkable aspect of the year for me. I have listened to them and heard them. I have talked with them about sweet and important things. I have seen my children for who they really are: intelligent, kind, loving people. I have enjoyed their successes. I have expressed my pride for them and genuinely made myself available to them. I have not done as well as I would have liked to about calling them weekly or visiting them quarterly. I would like to do that better next year. Some of my children may not need or want such contact and I will be working on determining that as well. Our good news just received at Christmas time is that two new grandbabies will be born this summer and our oldest daughter Nauni and her husband (who have not been blessed yet with children) have put in their application for adoption. This will add to our family again. We love it! (Shameless self promotion: If any of you know of someone looking for an amazing adoptive set of parents, I know some. Contact me. Smiles.) Anyway, I love my kids! I am glad I am their Mom. Kids, YOU ARE AWESOME. Thanks for being mine.

Well, there's the report. Thanks for coming along on this journey with me. If I can accomplish things like this, so can you. I did it one baby step at a time. I have climbed mountains time and time again with each goal, each challenge. I encourage you to think about your past year. How far have you come? Where will you go next year with your goals? I wonder what my goals will be. TO MY READERS, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT and GOOD LUCK IN YOUR OWN CHALLENGES AND JOURNEYS THROUGH LIFE. We can do it!

Many of you readers have enjoyed and followed this blog of mine. I have heard reports of sadness at the thought of ending it as my 5th Anniversary draws near. Honestly, I planned on ending it then. However, since the goals of this blog are ones that are so applicable to others I had not considered you. Therefore, I will continue to write and work on accomplishing more of the goals listed on my tabbed pages Health, Love Affair, and Children. Tomorrow I will write about where we will go on our Anniversary. Stay tuned.

Friday, December 30, 2011

2 Days to Go ~ I Love that Man of Mine!

I am in love! My husband and EC (Eternal Companion) is named Mark. He is my partner, counselor and friend. We help each other with projects and life. He strengthens me and I strengthen him. We go to yoga together, we have lunch together, we go for walks together. We love each other and it shows in our countenances every day. 

As there are only 2 days left until our 5th Anniversary we are amazed to look back at the journey we have been on! We have laughed and cried, created and destroyed, repaired and endured. We have remodeled our house, painted and reroofed it, cleared out our backyard, helped three children marry, received four grandchildren with two on the way, sent a son on a two-year mission for our church to Paraguay and received two other sons home from missions (one to Paraguay, one to Guatemala). We have helped a grown daughter and her husband move to Idaho with their young daughter, helped another daughter through her divorce, and sent another daughter off to college in Texas. During all of that we have have six major surgeries in our house. Change has been our constant companion. We have worked together for good during my illness and we are actually making sense of it and application for the future. We have served ourselves and others. We have grown as our children have grown.

That's five years for the record books in our house! We have succeeded! Mark, I love you forever and always. Thank you for all you are and all you do. Thanks for always being yourself and teaching me how to be okay just being me.

I Love that Man of Mine!